sponsorship project for meals for kids in the kindergarden of Ndanda

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Usage: Pate für Kindergärten in Ndanda

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Assante sana to the Lions Club Hürth for the filmmatinee &the donation of 900 €.

Assante sana to al my gastes of my 50. birthday for 355 €.

thanks to our donors on the AAT:

My wife Barbara and I are going the next stages on the Alpe Adria Trail in Carinthia from Millstätter See to Faker See as a sponsoring trail for our sponsorship project in Ndanda Tanzania.
We would be happy if our hosts gave us 10 cents for the overnight stay, the dairymaids on the alpine pastures or people...

The Missionary Benedictines of St. Ottilien have 12 kindergartens in Ndanda, in the south of Tanzania, in which 600 children are cared for by 22 teachers.
With the parental contribution of € 20 a year, the parish can only bear a quarter of all costs. Since there are no further grants, Father Julianus relies on donations. We are therefore...