kindergardens in Ndanda


Pater Julianus tells us how nesessary the kindergardens are for the church.

Kindergardens are so important to our children because they expand their knowledge before they go to primary school. Education is the key to life. It makes someone trust in themselves or in themselves. In the kindergar-dens, children learn about the Christian faith. We celebrate the festivals with them every year, tell them Jesus stories, teach them prayers and Christian songs. The children love to dance, as you were able to experience during your visits. We give the children a lot of joy.
These are also important for the congregation in the context of pastoral activities. As these children grow, they will be of great help to their parents and the Church. The better educated child would meet society's expectations.
We also have some regular meetings with the children's parents; They also do their duty by looking after the kindergardens as guards, which are close to their homes.