Father Julianus describes why he is worried about not being able to finance the kindergartens in the community.


As you know, we encourage our educators, even if we can only pay them a small salary of € 40 a month, to continue to serve the children. The money comes from the parents' contributions less than € 20 per year. With this contribution we can only pay the costs for the kindergardens for three months. Since there are no government grants in Tanzania, we have to fund the remaining 9 months of the year with funds from the benefactors. I was really worried, as I told you, because the kindergardens cannot stand on their own two feet. The community also tries to improve the level - with Montessori pedagogy, or by giving the children some other needs to a minimum level like soap, flour for the porridge and some other everyday needs. Sometimes it is difficult for some parents to pay the kindergadten fees.
NB: We ask you to help us for whatever you are able to. May God Bless you and your family.
Yours in Christ.
For Julianus Bombo OSB
Parish Priest - Ndanda Parish