Water instead of Prosecco - Duino via Prosecco to Opicina

There will be no prosecco in the village of the same name today; instead only water and again quite a lot from above. It' s a raining day. At Hotel Aurora, our breakfast table is lovely covered and there are delicious homemade treats such as focaccia and frittata, as well as freshly baked bread. The Rilke path to Sistina is still halfway dry. We can very well imagine how great this path above the cliffs must be in sunshine, we are also so impressed when looking at the roaring waves and back to the Castel of Duino. At the end of the trail there is a beautiful view of the port of Trieste. Despite light drizzle we don't want to give up, but when we are out of the place it starts unfortunately stronger and in front of the 2nd giant puddle which is as wide as the way and as deep as the hiking boots are high, we give up and unfortunately have to go back to the bus stop to continue with the line 42 to Prosecco.There we treat ourselves to an Italian latte in the Café Katja, a beautiful bar where also locals take their espresso and wait for the rain showers. From the Alpe Adria Trail - info point we hike the last section on the Strada Napoleonica, a section of an old supply route between Trieste and Venice, to our current destination Opicina. On this section there are already the first beautiful viewpoints on Trieste.
Our Hotel Valeria is located in the centre of the small, quiet town of Opicina. A hot shower makes us thaw again. A warm tea and a cheese bread awaken our spirits. Since the rain has not stopped after our arrival, it is time to relax until dinner. The last time on our trip we have half board and are free to choose from the noble menu. As an antipasti, there are eggplant chicks with braised church tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, a poem. But also pasta and meat are very tasty and rich.