Udaipur, The lake city


Udaipur, the city of lakes surrounded by mountains belongs to one of the most beautiful in Rajasathan. The magnificent palace complexes on the banks of the lakes invite you to visit extensively. The main palace with its airy light-looking facade differs from the large forts in Agra, Jodpur or Kumbhalgarh. For more than two hours we go on a journey of discovery in the City Palace with an attached museum and travel back to the 16th century. With the original courtyard of the hero Pratap Singh and the private rooms with the planted courtyard Badi Mahal, the Mirro Hall, which gave coolness in the summer, and to the Mor Chowk, the peacock farm with peacock representations in glass insertion technology from the 19th century. A visit to Jagdish Temple is also recommended. It is a Vishnu sanctuary in the traditional style from the 17th century. Worth seeing is the circumferential frieze with elephants, musicians and dancer performances. In the shrine, which stands in the entrance area, Garuda, the mount Vishnus, looks at us.
On the mountain above the Pichola Lakes, the Monsoon Palace (Sajjangarh) is often perched on the clouds. For reasons of time and because of the poor visibility, we missed it. It is worth climbing through the national park with a clear view and discovering the flora and fauna.
The tranquil town invites you to stroll through the alleys and small shops. A trader tells us in a trade conversation everything about his wedding and the traditions in India. It is very pleasant that Deepak does not want to shake us up to everything we do not want. To this day, we are still in whatsapp contact. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and movies.
On the shore of a lake is the small restaurant "the little Prince" with seats directly on the steps of the old Gad. By candlelight we enjoy a Thali - really recommended! Further highlights in the evenings are the folklore program at Bagore ki-Haveli and the gates at the lakes with impressive reflections of the old buildings on the water.

Knowledge of the day - not the one who calls the loudest, does the business.

Our Morning Bike Tour starts at 7.15 am. It's hard to believe, but at this time there's really hardly anything going on on the street. We drive over the bridge at Gangauer Gat, the morning sun bathes everything in a gentle light and from a temple the sounds of the morning prayer can be heard. A woman in the sari comes up against us with a huge bowl of greenstuff on her head, such a typical picture for India and here everything fits together wonderfully. We cycle to Fateh Sagar Lake, see fishermen and then we go into the hinterland, through small villages, where the children wave to us again friendly. Finally we reach Tiger Lake, which is beautifully embedded in the green. A short time later, fortunately, breakfast is served. Behind a small shop there is a small garden where we get delicious chai, samosa and brownies. At home we would never eat this station wagon for breakfast, but it was good. The last stage leads past summer houses of the rich. An estate had two huge buildings and shows once again the huge span between rich and poor and we wonder why someone needs such a thing?

Knowledge of the day - often the most beautiful places hide and want to be found.