via Jodpur & Ranakpur to Kumbhalgarh


Today we go back to Jodhpur. In Yogies Guesthouse, near the Clocktower, we checked in for the night. A small room with a large bathroom. Luckily, there is an open front room with seating and a mattress where we can open the suitcase. We go into the hustle and bustle of the Blue City. However, we do not come far, because after about 150 m pigeons welcome us in their own way. Let's bring luck. Nevertheless, we prefer to turn around and clean our clothes. Before we visit the spice shop again, there is, at the request of a person, a coconut Lassi at the Clocktower.
We continue to stroll to Stepwell, a step fountain at which youth jump up to 100 m from the facade into the water. Today, a Korean staged this leap and, to the delight of the audience, celebrated the forbidden spectacle. Afterwards we got lost in the narrow hectic streets of the Blue City, so that the sunset at the Viewepoint took place without us. In this scrum, a motorcyclist also caught me. Luckily, everyone has to drive at a pace. The omelette at the Clocktower was excellent and reconciled us. As dessert there were vegetarian samosas - street-night-foot is always an interesting alternative.

Knowledge of the day - Pigeon shot does not always bring happiness.

On the way to Ranakpur, where a Jain temple complex is on our plan, we stop at a motorcycle temple. At this point, a charitable Hindu has had an exident and dead. Every time the motorbike was taken to the police station, it was returned to the scene of the accident on its own. Because of this miracle, a temple with a bike has been built at this place. Here a monk made a point on my forehead - "For good Luck!" Hopefully this helps now.
In Ranakpur we visit the Adinath Temple, which was built between 1439 and 1460 on an elevated platform. The door sills show demon mas-kens, which are supposed to deny access to evil spirits. The number 4 plays a special role in the composition 4 goals, domes the main stature Looks in any direction of the sky. The 1444 columns are all richly filigree Decorated. None is like another. One is deliberately something wrong, as Signs of imperfection.
Today we get back on the adventure of eating with the locals in the canteen. Turn down plates and wait for all comes by. It's all delicious and you always get a look-up. The Jain eat no meat and nothing that grows underground.
Afterwards we visit the Parshvanath and Neminath temples. Here we are almost alone. At Parshvanath, the Guardian draws our attention to the erotic scenes on the outer wall. Inside the sanctuary, a black statue depicts the 23rd Trithankara Parshvanath, who lived in the 8th century.

We arrive in Kumbhalgarh at around 4.30 p.m. It is located about 500 m higher in the mountains than Ranakpur. When checking in at the Hotel One Kumbhalgarh Resort, two surprises: first we have mould in the room and then my smartphone is gone. Hopefully it's in the car. So we spend the late afternoon with room changes and attempts to contact Bittoo.

Knowledge of the day - the Hindu blessing of happiness is also not directly effective.
What is happiness?