Soca Trail and free as a bird - Trenta nach Bovec

After a short quiet night and an extensive organic breakfast with homemade jam, bread that tastes like it used to in the Eifel, we follow the Soca Trail today. The turquoise blue of the mountain river is so fascinating that we can't get enough of it. It strikes us that there is an awful lot of shading of the turquoise. Next to the gravel bed, the trail leads us up over forest paths with partly filigree roots, thick roots and fallen trees, which we have to cross like thresholds. Then unexpectedly a fairytale forest with hanging, green moss covered trees appears. We walk through two completely different gorges. First the great Soca Gorge, a trough gorge, partly only one meter wide and then before Bovec the Eldorado of canoeists, the Krsovec Gorge. In between in the delta of the Lepena stands a remarkable tree, which has its roots wrapped around a white rock. We cross the Soca over suspension bridge number 7, 8, or 9 one last time for today. Freely following the motto: "You have to walk over seven bridges , ... almost seven kilometres more ... but once you get to your destination!" The Hotel Mangert accommodates us for two nights. Due to the corona restrictions unfortunately without pool and sauna. Thus, only the small massage ball remains for the tired legs and the tense back. On Tuesday, after 85 km of trail, is a first day of rest. But rest day does not mean putting your legs up and lazing all day long. Anyone who knows our Alpe Adria Trail Blog 2019 knows that we are also active on these days, just not hiking. Today I fulfill a childhood dream, once free as a bird experience the mountains from above. With a tandem paragliding flight, I enjoy 35 minutes of the feeling of absolute freedom. Glide over the fascinating steep slopes of the rock massif, the river valley, lakes, forests and meadows in the valley. Silently only the wind in the ear and from time to time the call of an eagle. A very relaxing thing to glide through the air. A heartfelt thank you to Robert, who guided us so well through the thermals. We landed on the sheep pasture. The service of the team of Alpe Sport Vancar d. o. o. I can only recommend you. They also offer canyoning, rafting, canoeing tours, .. To.
We used the afternoon to write and refuel the forces for the next stages, when the trail attracts us again.