Slap Pot, passing waterfalls- Bovec to Dreznica - 

On our way today, many water games accompany us again. From Bovec we pass the church into the forests of Pluzna. The first little detour we make down to the idyllic Slap Virje. A 12 meter waterfall with several runs, which falls into a lake shimmering partly green in the sun. An enchanted place that fascinates us so much in the morning light that we record the atmosphere with the viewfinder, our eyes and the heart. At 8 ° C, this small mountain lake is the opposite of the lakes we enjoyed in Carinthia last year. After a quarter of an hour, the trail calls us back, as more than 20 km are still waiting for us. It passes a small reservoir with power station and a piece along the road. Luckily, there will soon be a path parallel to the road, where we will cross a very nice camping place with fixed tents reminiscent of African lodge tents. The Boca Slap is touted as the highlight of the trail, 500 meters high and accordingly we are excited. You should be able to see it from the street, but there is not much to see and so we set off for the 2nd detour. When we reach the observation deck, it seems as if someone has turned off the water at Slovenia's highest waterfall. It dribbles more and the sight makes you think again about what climate change is doing.
Once again it goes over the Soca and we see another pair of kayak era. Since we just can't get enough of the turquoise blue water, we are glad that the river is back at our side today and offers us 2 beautiful rest places. We cool our feet again in the ice-cold water before the final sprint and build a stone man.
The last stretch goes along the road. The church of Dreznica can be seen from afar. Our room in Jelkin Hram has a small balcony where we can enjoy the sunset before dinner in front of a beautiful mountain panorama with a really good cup of coffee. The hotel is really quaint with beautiful wooden elements, a good cuisine and the best coffee we got in Slovenia. The landlord gave us some honey with pickled nuts to say goodbye. "For a little strengthening on the way!"