Nawalgarh Havelis & Natur


8:00 a.m. Indian breakfast time with masala chai, paratha, lemontree jam, yoghurt and cereal. Everything is grown and freshly prepared by the family themselves. Milk and yoghurt also come from their own cows. Also the vegetables and the herbs and spices, with which the women of the house conjure up a very tasty food. There are Dahl, two kinds of vegetables, rice and chapathi. The Ecolodge can do almost entirely without plastic👍and has solar energy. Served is served on plates and bowls of dried baba leaves and the water is served filtered in clay cups.

Well strengthened we start the bike tour with Harschal, the nephew of the family. First we drive along the road and meander a little adventurously between the cows, camel carts & loud honking vehicles. We don't even have a bell, somehow unfair. In the first place Dundlod we stop and visit the Satyanarayan temple. The priest patiently explains to us all the god figures and pictures and there are really many in the small temple. I hope he doesn't ask that right away. 🤔 doesn't make it, of course, but there is a blessing book for both of us at the end, shukriya! The next stop is at a baoris (deep fountain) next to the Chattr of Ram Dutt Goenka, built in 1888, a memorial pavilion with floral patterns and rows of pictures of Krishna, as he dances with Gopis. An impressive place - thanks to Harschal for allowing us to visit this facility and thank you to his family who care for and care for such beautiful heritages.

On the way through the fields, bird science is on the program. In addition to the nests of the weavers, we see among others kingfishers & the Wiedehopf. Before we go back to Ecolodge we visit a farm. Withrags we enjoy the peace and quiet in the shadow of the Bouganvillian. In the afternoon we discover the partly beautifully groundEd Havelis in Nawalgarh. In the Dr.-Rammath-A.-Podar  Haveli-Museum with about 750 well-preserved and restored frescoes - among other things the love story of Krishna - the guide not only explained everything to us in detail, but also made great pictures of us in 2 other Havelis. Shukriya! Through the small alleys we let ourselves drift over the market, past many old, unfortunately partly decayed, Havelis. What must have been a colourful city in former times.

knowledge of the day - India offers many extremely contrasting experiences and is culturally somewhat in need of getting used to. Either you hate it or you love it.