Namaste Rajasthan Delhi 23. November 19

Delhi  - In the middle of the station district we moved into the Hotel Grand Godwin and set off on foot. Goal? Explore the city, let yourself drift. That plan lasted less than half an hour. We explained to the first Rickscha drivers that we prefer to walk, which nobody seems to do here, which is why there are hardly any sidewalks and if in bad condition and for all the more tuk tuks, which force themselves hupend into the smallest gap. The karma of our day is to accept the Indian way of life and to ride with the tuk tuk. Our goal was to get closer to the city centre. The goal of our driver, on the other hand, was to get us to shop. However, we remained stubbornly seated and were then delivered in front of the Sikh temple Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. In hindsight, things couldn't have gotten any better. We were glad to be encaire to the noise of the street and immersed in the spiritual magic of this place. We took time to watch everything in peace, listened to the music and walked around the lake with the faithful. We were invited to participate in the meal in the large hall. Everyone sits on the floor, a tray in front of them and they walk around with rice, dahl and chapati. After that, the ground is wiped and the next ones come along. Everything is organized by volunteers. Finally, we found a nice gentleman to answer our questions so that we can better understand what we have experienced. Maybe this place wanted to be found by us and there was something good about getting involved with the tuk tuk.

From the temple we wanted to walk on to the Lakshmi Naragan Temple. This time we managed to get off the Tucktuck riders. On the way we visited the Heart of Jesus Church and visited a small Buddhist temple just before the Hindu temple. The end of our journey to the world religions is an Aarti ceremony.

 Knowledge of the day - In Delhi you don't walk and the tuk tuk driver has his own plans, but at the end of the day we found the way and discovered a lot of things unexpectedly.