Kumbhalgarh - the second longest wall in the world.


Today we have a breakfast buffet and well strengthened the day can start in sunshine, but it goes. We head to the Fort.
The festival has already begun and music is in the air. But first we ´ll look around. So past the stage and the first temple Visit. To the surprise, this turns out to be a backstage area for the artists and there is a small photo shoot. But now we really explore the other temples in peace and let us spend time in peace through the 4 gates to the very top to the Bada Mahal - Cloud Palace. We are impressed by the wall, which at 36 km is the second longest wall in the world. We take a break at the stage before we start our 1.5 h hike on the wall. It goes quite up and down with
beautiful views. We see how high some of the steps have been laid out and are impressed by the performance that was achieved about 500 years ago.
Back at the hotel we get fresh again and enjoy a totally delicious meal in a local restaurant. The waiter speaks only a little English and we are curious to see what comes on the plate.
Back in the One Kumbhalgarh resort, the hotel manager shows us a nice place by the lake, where we can enjoy a cup of tea overlooking the lake. For the next morning we have here an appointment with the sunrise and with a little luck with a leopard or bear on the opposite shore.
In the evening we go again to the fort, where we will be in front of the beautiful backdrop of the lit forts enjoy music and dance from Jaisalmer. We are so pretty rather the only tourists.