Jaisalmer - golden City & a night in the Dessert


Today we go to the golden city of Jaisalmer. We take a leisurely ride with the pedal boat on Lake Amir Sagar and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful Cenothaps. In the evening we take a first walk through the city, which is very possible here. We like the fortress that is still inhabited here. As a result, life and the hustle and bustle so common in India is in the narrow streets. You can enjoy the view of the city. Many buildings are really very ornately decorated with filigree ornaments, which are made only by a certain caste. It is better to look up and enjoy the beautiful sight. But even so, it is not possible to completely close the eyes and noses to the waste problem and the waste water.
Before we set off the next day for the safari in the Thar Desert we visit beautiful sandstone Havelis and the Jain Temple in the Fort. These are very delicately designed. Our driver Bittoo told us that the stonemasons were not paid with money, but with food & logie for the family. Therefore, they have taken a lot of time for the decorations. At the end of the tour there was a special song for Barbara by a street musician. Here, too, the smells of street food retailers lure us. So I can try something new again. The seller makes me taste some spicy dar, to my taste. Strengthened we drive to the camel safari.
The camels are already saddled, so we can sit right after the masala chai and swing into the desert, led by a grandfather and his 8 year old grandson. Passing a small temple we ride to the sunset point. After the sunset we ride back to the camp, where an hour later it is already felt 10-15° C colder. For dinner there is a campfire with Indian music and typical folklore dances from Rajasthan. There is also a rich buffet with traditional dishes. With the jeep we are taken to our sleeping place in the dunes, where we can observe the sky in the starry night and fall asleep wrapped in thick blankets. At sunrise we crawl out of our night camp and a little later 2 camels are ready again and we ride towards the rising sun, dreamlike. We continue through the dunes and we see antelopes, a deer and a desert fox. Time passes like in flight and at the end there is a good breakfast in the camp. The highlight at the end of the day is a visit to Bada Bagh at sunset. We already have time to look around and take pictures. A student tells us something about the facility. Incredibly, the Maharani and the concubines had to jump into the fire when the Maharaja fell in the war. We also learn a lot about burial in this day and age. And the young man reminds us that we should be grateful that we can move so freely in the world. He has already tried 3 times to get a visa for Europe and it was always rejected. Today we ask our Bittoo for a restaurant recommendation before we rely on Trip Advisor again. The day before yesterday we had been guided by the fact that a restaurant had extremely many good reviews. We then noticed how these come about, because for every excellent evaluation you get 10% discount. Somehow no fair competition, but also somehow clever. Nevertheless, the food was good and there was still free water. Our driver's restaurant, on the other hand, was directly cheaper and the Thali was a dream, thank you.

Knowledge of the day - unexpectedly often comes as a surprise. Enjoy this moment!