It' s a raining day and thunder - Cormons to Gradisca d' Isonzo

Early in the morning we leave the Albergo Felkaro after a bad breakfast. We can't recommend her further, even though she still had 5.7 out of 6.0 points in in 2019. It's a mystery to us, we don't know if it's because of Corona, but on us the whole hotel made a very neglected if not unkempt impression. We do not want to mention any further details here.
Rain and thunderstorms are forecast for today. Since it has already thundered and poured half the night, we venture before 8 a.m. in light grey clouds on the trail to Gradisca d'Isonzo. But after an hour, the rain and the thunder catch up with us. On the way through the vineyards to S. Lorenzo Isontino we are surprised by a rain in the open field. The puddles of the night are so deep and wide that before the first shelter the shoes are full of water. Against our conviction and teeth crunching, we have to choose Plan B - an abbreviation over asphalt in the village and by bus to Gradisca, where we receive with sunshine.
We quickly found our Hotel Franz around 12 noon and are also allowed to check in immediately. We are so grateful! We even get a free upgrade. A hot shower works wonders, so that after washing clothes in the sunshine we can visit the beautiful small town. At the end of our round we discover a small bar to our liking - Baricentro with a nostalgic bike over the counter and other beautiful bike details. An espresso awakens the tired spirits. Back in the hotel we can at least use the sun loungers for an hour. However, we do not venture into the beautiful pool. Gradisca is also quite sleepy, but the old town gives us more than that of Cormons. There is a city wall and a castello, which unfortunately cannot be visited at the moment due to renovations.
Dinner is excellent - good fish, pasta, fruity dry white wine. The breakfast buffet can also be seen. At this point we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the service of the hotel staff.