It' s a long, long, longer way to Trenta

From Kranjska Gora we happily walk past the Jasna Lakes into the only national park in Slovenia along the Pisnica to the Russian chapel. The lakes and the river invite you to linger and take pictures. I love playing with the water reflections. But the mountain is calling. There are still 8 hours of hiking with some surprises on the program. The Pisnica knows the way for us with the stony, partly dry river bed. It proceeds comfortably without any significant inclines.We are lucky, because the small Russian chapel is open and a nice older gentleman explains something about the memorial and even on german. After the First World War, Russian prisoners of war built it on the pass road in memory of the 300 Russians buried under a snow avalanche. If you take the detour via the supermarket and the search for the entrance, we are still well in time, we only needed 10 minutes longer than indicated. From now on, the path becomes challenging, we have to get up to the Vrsic Pass and occasionally briefly cross the pass road, which was painstakingly built by the prisoners. Luckily, however, it usually goes through shady forest mountain. There is also an attractive hut on the way where a good coffee gives new energy. Unfortunately we already had our lunch, because the food looks very good. We are now so high that an impressive panorama opens up in front of us. The few clouds then completely warp and the mountains are so close that the sight fascinates us totally. When we finally reach the pass, it is already 3 o'clock and according to the book we have only managed about half. That can't be true, according to the fitness tracker we have already run almost 15 km. We wonder how the time, the kilometers travelled and the indication in the book fit together. For safety, we buy a litre of water if it gets longer than expected. The trail now leads us steeply over gravel and gravel, over roots and stones down to the headwaters of the Soca. As we cross the Garmin's 20-kilometer display, we're at an impressive river passage of the Soca, where several river arms run together. A powerful and at the same time reassuring place. The tired feet are cooled and still a sip of the fresh mountain water drunk. After another 30 minutes we arrive at a hut from which it goes again into the source area. But that is really going to be too late, we now have 6 p.m. The temptation is great in the parking lot to ask for a ride. r too happy.

But it really can't be that far anymore, it goes on. We walk nicely along the Soca, but the path is still steep and stony. Around 7 p.m. we reach the street and also our accommodation again to let us know that we are on our way. Google gives another 50 minutes along the road. We have no idea what's going on. The path does not seem to want to end and at some point the view for natural beauty is lost. Since we did not follow the road, but continued to follow the trail, it gets even longer and finally it starts to dawn. Around 8 p.m. we reach the long-awaited destination. The clock has stopped counting at 29 km. The landlord aptly asked what had happened? Yes, we would like to know that.

Actually, there is no food on Sundays and we have already divided our meagre supplies out of the backpack. But the landlady then serves us a pumpkin soup and cooks for me at 8.30 pm the most delicious lamb I have ever eaten. We are more than grateful for this! On the farm the vegetables are grown themselves and also at breakfast we can enjoy the delicious products. We can recommend the Pri Pajeru 100%. By the way, the landlady was already on German TV - "Wonderful".