Crossing the border - Tolmin (SLO) to Tribil (I)

Our tour today takes us up the winding national road over a long distance on asphalt. The first hour is fast with 4.3 km. This is a new "start to the day record". From the road, the trail finally branches off into the green, but it gets steeper and more and more swaying on our way. There are hardly any views on the path to the border. The slope of the mountain, the condition and the signage in this part is very "borderline". We feel like we're on a scavenger hunt with an obstacle course over fallen trees and through streams. We fight our way to the ridge. From up here we have a beautiful view over the mountains from the Kolovrat. We hike across the grounds of the open-air museum to the border. The trenches and positions of the First World War are still very well preserved here.After 4 hours we leave Slovenia - ciao Bela Italia. Then we go to the descent and soon we reach a hut, where there is the first Italian coffee for lunch break. Va bene. But where are the Alpe signs? Unfortunately again ten minutes detour went. Without Alpe Adria app and without sticks we would have been thrown up today. Our trail is in today's section partly parallel with the already mentioned "pot Meru" - "path of peace"; so we climb a really steep, sometimes rough mountain up to Monte Cum just before Tribil. A memorial stone commemorates the bulwark of Italian artillery on the battlefield. An hour of sweaty ascent and then no views, just an unadorned monument. After a short place at this historic place we descend. There is also an alternative path around the mountain, which saves an hour. So if you want to leave the AAT officially, you can follow the hiking trail 747a. After less than an hour and almost 24 km and 1450 m on the clock we reach our night quarter - Ostello la fienestra in Tribil di Sopra, a simple accommodation with good Italian food and red wine. The breakfast table is covered for the morning. We cook our own coffee in the traditional Italian style.