TheChallange is going on

10.30 p.m. Start with the ICE via Munich Salzburg to Faak am See, where we left the trail last year. "Every year the marmot greets" at 6.10 a.m. in the Munich Hbf. with a coffee in the Alpe Adria cup. Somehow we will miss it next year.... At noon we reach Faak am See. The detour to the lake is unfortunately very short, as in this section few places are freely accessible. However, we discover a sun chair with the lettering "Up the mountain" which is very suitable for our first snack with a delicious pot particle. It's almost made for us, could become our motto for the next 3 weeks. Well strengthened, we can now start the way. Today's stage is short at 8 km, but crisp with 450 hm through a forest with glacial water gutters and over root steps. Arriving at the top of the Baumgartner Höhe, the view of Lake Faak, the Carinthian Lakes, the Karawanken and Julian Alps in sunshine rewards us.The day is rounded off with delicious Carinthian noodles. From the terrace of the Baumgartner Hof we have a great view of Lake Faak in the light of the setting sun.