Bera Safari Lodge - Leopard Safari


The Bera Safari Lodge is a very beautiful place surrounded by unspoilt nature, a little hidden and away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. A pleasant time to rest, to discover the wildcats and to be pampered. Built 5 years ago, the property is located in one of the 5 spacious, elegantly furnished clean two-bathroom lodges, so you don't have an excuse for the late arrival for the morning safari. Meals that are delicious are a throwback to the Rajputer era, when the waiters serve with turbans and traditional clothes. The service is not only important in the lodge, but also in the safari. The guides drive to the various rocks until we see at least one leopard. It is impressive to see how the wildcats gracefully walk on the rock platons. After the evening safari, the campfire, drinks with a snack, travel experience and stories with the leopards are exchanged.
Unfortunately, we only had for one night the hospitality of the family and the elegant cats to enjoy. On a next visit to We are happy to come back to Rajasthan and recommend it today.