On the Karst plateau with autumnal nature - Basovizza to Bangnoli della Rosandra

Today our penultimate stage takes us again for a short detour to Slovenia, to the Lipizzaner horses and over the karst plateau to the beautiful Val Rosandra. Since the distance with 25 km is again very long, we leave earlier and are already at 9.30 am at the stud of Lipizza. We walk between the paddocks with white fences and discover the herd of mold at the end of the path at a distance of about 20 m. Now it goes an hour steeply through the forest uphill to Mont Kokos. The view is great and the sun is warming so well that Barbara can zip off and I can take off the jacket. The forest is already colourful in autumn. In addition to many butterflies, lizards and bright green beetles accompany us again today. We can't get enough of the colourful colours, the play of the sun's rays between the trees, the bizarre white karst stones and the panoramic views over the karst. Thus, the path remains very varied and quite entertaining. It goes through 2 small villages, then again along the border and a former railway line to Italy. Since we are quite high, we can look well over the wide, green, gentle mountains in Slovenia. You can still explore caves and a lot more in this nature reserve, but unfortunately we don't have the time for that due to the length of the stage. This is followed by a short, steep descent and we meet a stream in the valley floor. On the other side it goes uphill again, again with a great view of rugged rocks. Since it is now late afternoon, we have great light in the karst mountains and the nature is simply fantastic. The crowning achievement for us is at a natural small reservoir of the creek, where we capture the rays of light from the already low sun with our camera.Our accommodation for the night is located in the mountain village of Bagnoli and is rustically furnished with vintage-style wooden furniture. For dinner we have to walk back to the neighboring village, because here all the restaurants have closed.