At the foot of the "lying Indian" - Dreznica to Tolmin

Today's stage takes us in the first two and a half hours on 4.5 km 680 m up to the Italian Chapel on the Planica (1220 m). Shortly before the ascent, which regularly leads steeply up through the edge of the forest, we discover another fascinating waterfall, the Slap Sopot, at the start of the day. For a short refueling and letting your soul dangle, this is a good place, with light plays of the delicate morning sun in the water and the calm the current of the fall into the small lake. But enough of meditation. The next hour we do it like Beppo street sweeper - step, stick, breath. Slowly we follow the steep path through hollow paths with short views into the valley and on the Krn - because of its shape also called "lying Indians" - to the Italian chapel, which settles in all white with a bronze eagle above the entrance from the rocks and the trees. During World War I, it was built by Italian soldiers near the front line. In both world wars, this area of Slovenia was a strategically hard-fought region with many deaths, destruction of entire towns and evacuation of entire villages for military purposes. That is why there is a path of peace along the memorials of these atrocities today. It is not only in the last few days that I have become aware of how grateful and happy we can be to grow up and live without the experience of war and terror. A great asset that we must protect.
From the church, the path leads us downhill over stony paths, lush green alpine pastures with cows, and a snack place overlooking another slap, which falls into the valley in two streams.
Unfortunately we missed a junction and noticed it too late, which means on an alternative over the Juliana way, a little bit past the Soca, about 2-3 km detour. The last kilometers to Tolmin, the largest city in the Soca valley, where the Soca and Tolminca unite, we drag the tired legs to the Hotel Dvorec. A shower and a good meal with a cold cyclist awaken the tired limbs only briefly, early we fall into a deep sleep.