Adio Slowenia, ciao Italia - Smartno to Cormons

Since today's stage is supposed to be less than 15 km, we have breakfast in peace and say goodbye to the beautiful Hotel San Martin. First of all, it goes down a wet path, from the night rain, quite steeply on a little busy road through vineyards and small villages. We are accompanied by butterflies, grey herons and an acorn herator. After a good hour and a half we reach the mountain village of Medana with a surprisingly good view despite cloudy skies. From here, the following road goes downhill to the Slovenian-Italian border. After a few 100 m there is a very nice, modern resting place with a view over olive trees into the valley. At the next vineyard, the winemaker has planted rose sticks in front of his head. A very handsome variant. Halfway to the border there is the last Slovenian supermarket - our Cockta tank station. A soft drink , still from the time of Yugoslavia, whose main ingredient are rose hips of the dog rose. It was the first carbonated soft drink in Slovenia 67 years ago. It looks like cola, but differs greatly in taste as it contains lemon and herbs. Unlike the Western model, it does not contain caffeine. Fortunately, the brand was saved after the break-up of Yugoslavia. A 2001 advertising slogan reads "Prve ne pozabis nikoli!" - "You will never forget your first!" That's right. We are already looking forward to Lipizza, then we are back in Slovenia and can buy supplies. By the way, in Slovenia, my morning staple is a luxury product. Nutella costs 1 € per 100 grams! 

In Italy we walk through the Bosco del Plessiva, a deciduous forest with partly man-high wild grasses on the way and countless mosquitoes. Whoever stops has lost and is stung. I already know what we have to get in Cormons in the Supermercardo. We take our lunch at the church of Madonna del Soccorso, which towers over Cormons. We enjoy the view and the break after the steep half-hour ascent. Now it is only a good kilometer over steps and a steep, from the rain and leaves somewhat slippery forest path down to the old town. The Albergo Felcaro , an old complex around an old traditional manor house, is located less than a kilometre outside. The pool is unfortunately green and more reminiscent of a biotope for water runners and mosquitoes. All that is missing is the frog. But there is a check card for access in the key case and sun loungers. The old town makes a similar impression on us - old, dead pants and little flair.